What to do, if what you want to do remains in the shadows, and the main work takes a lot of time and almost does not allow you to focus on the desired?

Answer from: Giorgi Natsvlishvili:
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Classic "Eisenhower grid" In time management. On one axis "urgent: not urgent", on the second "important: not important". The urgent and the important must be done first. The non-urgent and unimportant are forgotten until it goes into one of the other three boxes. 
And your question is about what is not urgent and important to you. For that - a special time is set aside every day - otherwise there would never be time for it.

Answer from: Irina G.Ovovvlvalvalaal:
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Almost every hobby can be turned into an income. At least a side, reducing your main work. For example, I've always loved drawing, so I end up drawing for a living. Love to write - copywriting, journalism, writing to help you. Love to cook - you can get a job as a chef (you will have to undergo training), start a home food business, etc. Do you like making things with your hands - Masters Fair is for you. If you like sports - become a coach, even if you like to play games - yubb to help. There are a lot of variants. The main thing is to think how to apply it all in practice. Just believe in your power, a little effort and you really get what you want.

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