What to do if you can't decide on a style? I like boho, retro, and casual but it would take a lot of space to put together a separate closet for each?

Answer from: Roman Saburin:
If you do not have your own room, think in advance how much you can pay...

Why stick strictly to one style when creating a look? For example, casual and boho are perfectly combined. The main thing is to collect from a bunch of clothes something sensible, without making yourself a walking example of bad taste. When I think of an outfit, I often imagine myself as some character who could wear such clothes. And the smallest detail affects the whole image of that character: with a panama hat you are a fashionable Sedboy, without it - something closer to a beatnik. In my opinion, the most important thing in the choice of clothing is to approach any thing from the closet with imagination.

Answer from: Ilya Ch.:
At heart a programmer, a gamer....

I agree with the answer of Rada Chaika, so I won't repeat myself, I'll only add. 
If you are principled, that retro: boho: casual: other style are separate from each other, you do not like to mix them, I can offer the following: 
-Determine the clothes for what situations (it can be studies:work; "going out"; something casual and so on) you need to have in your closet. You can make a list right now.
-assess which style seems more appropriate for each of these situations
-Select a set of clothes, guided by these considerations
For example, at work you can wear casual, "dressy" Pick up kits in a retro style, and come to folk concerts in boho-skirts. 
And in general these styles not so much contradict each other that they cannot be combined. Try different combinations, mix different things - that's cool.

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