What to do if you want to die?

Answer from: Maria Petrovskaya:
Psychologist, NLP therapist....

It seems that you are not so very cool, since you allow EVERYONE to treat you this way.
The whole world can not turn against you, such a good. It can't?
If people around you treat you this way, then you're the one who's giving you a reason!
♪ Stop whining and get busy with yourself ♪. Tell yourself how great you are and start living up to that image.
In the end, fight back against those who "" - ¶¶ Yell at, review, kick you in one known place ¶¶...
As long as you're playing the "", you will be

Answer from: Irina S.:
Books, animals and food are a hobby forever....

You should drink a glass of water and calm down and just cry into the pillow, I had a similar experience but the main thing is to keep positive and not to give up early, sooner or later they'll understand that they were wrong

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