What to Do If Your Nail Breaks?

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The nail can break in different ways. If it is a fracture in the form of a crack - simply reinforce with modeling gel, or even an ordinary nail base, completely covering.
If the nail broke off completely, it also depends on the stage of damage.

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**👉 A nail can break in different ways:**
- peel off on the sides with the nail bed intact;
- the free tip of the nail may break without damage to the nail bed;
- The nail may crack or break at the root;
- the end of the nail can break with damage to the bed;
- The nail may be traumatized, with breakage and skin damage.
👉 If a nail is badly injured, torn off it is better to seek medical help. **When the nail tip is broken off, peeled off** or cracked, it may be enough to keep it glued, clip it off, and file it down. If an artificial nail breaks, you will most likely need to visit a manicurist.

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The mechanism of treatment for a broken nail will depend on how badly the nail plate has been traumatized. To begin with, let's list the most common types of damage:
1. Lateral detachments without trauma to the bed;
2. Breakage of the nail plate at the very "root";
3. Cracks with damage to the bed;
4. Trauma with tearing of the plate and damage to the skin under the nail.

Actions to be taken as soon as the nail is broken:
- Trim or file the plate;
- To glue the broken part of the nail;
- Use the services of a manicurist.

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