What to take: a regular 3g modem or a 3g modem, which distributes wifi?which case the ping will be less?

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It depends on your needs. If the Internet is only necessary for one device, then there is no sense in the ability to hand out Wi-Fi in the device. The need exactly in 3G router can be justified only by the absence of 4G coverage in your city or your frequent traveling to similar settlements. If operators provide 4G and coverage is stable, you should choose this type of network, because.к. channel capacity in it and the maximum speed is much higher.
In general, any operator, if you ask about minimizing the ping, will tell you that in this case it is better to pay attention to wired access, because.к. for wireless access ping 100 mbps will be acceptable, but still perceptible in online games, eg. The way of connecting the device, as Nikita said, will also affect the delay, the modem is always better to connect directly, bypassing the various extenders and especially Wi-Fi routers. Generally, in such situation it would be better to immediately contact the provider and check the coverage at the addresses you are interested in your future connection, but it should be remembered that the coverage itself is also only one of the factors of stable access. Location of base station, weather conditions, construction of building and other factors influence the connection as much as the way you connect your modem.

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