What to use to clean your nesilber jewelry?

Answer from: Vyrvidub Svyatogryzych:
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Neusilber is the name given to the copper-nickel-zinc alloy that is used to make cutlery. Items are coated with a layer of silver or gilding. They can be cleaned with a solution of ammonia and water, toothpaste, and a remedy called Asidol. Do not use highly abrasive materials.

Answer from: Larissa G.:

Use baking soda, foil and boiling water to clean nesilber jewelry. Make a bowl out of foil, put your products in it and sprinkle it with baking soda. It remains to heat up the kettle and pour steep boiling water over everything. Let it stand for a while, and voila, you've got new, shiny silverware !!!

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