What will happen for texting insults over a long period of time?

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The Factor "a long time" unlikely to be taken into account. The insult is a one-time or continuous insult. But if the insults continue after the measures have been taken, then we can already talk about a relapse of the offense. In any case, in order for the law enforcement authorities to take action, a report must be filed with the police department. According to the law on communication any SIM card can be sold only with the passport and the communication operator should provide it. So, even if the subscriber is unknown, upon request he will be identified and can be punished with a fine. In the case of a repeat offence the measures will be stricter.

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At this point there is already a practical approach: any insult is already a reason to protect a person's honor and dignity. You call your neighbor a pig, reach into your pocket and pay him compensation.
The usual amount of compensation for moral damages in cases of insults on the Internet or text messages is 5-10 thousand rubles
Such an approach can be applied when receiving abusive SMS-messages, and hurtful messages in messengers, and, of course, to put a check on Internet trolls - those who like to pour dirt on interlocutors on the web. To begin with a statement to the police, and then on to the instances.

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