What year was the last john deere 84 30?

Answer from: George Komendantov:
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John Deere-8430 tractor began production in 2005. The last release of the line was in 2009.
Only 4 models were produced:
8230 - 250 л.с.;
8330 - 280 л.с.;
8340 - 305 л.с.
8530 - 330 л.с.
This line has been replaced by the heavy-duty 8R series tractors:
They differ in engine power.
There is also a caterpillar version.

Answer from: Andrej Biryukov:
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John Deere Model 8430 tractor was produced from 2005 to 2009., As part of the 8030 series of power-hungry all-purpose tractors. The 8R series tractors came to replace it.

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