When is the right time to have a memorial meal?

Answer from: Valentin Saveliev:
Neophilosopher and prophet of the coming generation "Alpha"...

A wake or memorial meal (repast) - this rite is meant to honor tradition and pay tribute to the deceased. To support loved ones and relatives - not to leave them alone immediately after the funeral. This is a farewell ritual in many religions of the world. According to the traditions, during the funeral repast one says the words describing the deceased person in a positive way. Express sympathy and words of sincere support to relatives. Recall positive moments in the life of the deceased. Merits and achievements.
Terms of the funeral at the Orthodox are as follows:
- On the day of the funeral;
- On the 9th day after the funeral;
- On the 40th day after the burial;
- Exactly 1 year after the funeral.

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