When to cook Thursday salt?

Answer from: Julia Litvinova:
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The confusion about the day to prepare Thursday salt occurs because the church day is considered to have begun with the Vespers service. Then, yes, the evening of Holy Wednesday seems to already be Thursday. Therefore, some people prepare Thursday salt on Wednesday evening.
On the other hand, Holy Week, with its strictest fast, counts from Monday, not Sunday evening. Look at any Orthodox calendar.
Accordingly, Easter service does not take place on Saturday, but begins at midnight on Holy Sunday.
On Clean Thursday they clean the apartment, go to the baths, and then they can make Great Thursday salt.

Answer from: Yana Tarasenko:
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Thursday salt should be prepared with pure thoughts or with prayer. Only then, according to ancient traditions, it was really charged with a certain light power. After cooking, the salt was put to dishes on the table as a seasoning. Or wrapped in a handkerchief and kept in a safe place.
The unchanging rule is that there is only one day a year when the ritual can be performed. It is the Thursday of Holy Week, which is the time before Easter. You'll need a packet of salt for the ritual. It must be the most common, coarse salt. You will also need to think about how you are going to warm it up. This is the most important condition for preparing any Thursday salt. How to make it in a modern apartment, where there is no oven, and you can't make a fire? We will consider it below. Savvy people have come up with ways for all occasions. There are no such obstacles that would not allow a persistent person to get this magical remedy.
There are several ways to prepare the healing salt. The first, the simplest, is to pierce the salt in a pan until it darkens. The salt is constantly stirred in the hot pan so that it darkens evenly. It is believed that if the salt starts to crack strongly and shoot out in different directions, then the person is under the evil eye, or he himself has a negative attitude towards those around him.
The second recipe says that salt is also pierced in a frying pan with the addition of flour. Then the mixture becomes practically black. And the third recipe is the most ancient, reports portal 1rre. In those days, salt was cooked in an oven. A handful of salt was wrapped in a cloth and put in the oven for a while. The cloth would quickly decay and the lump of salt would be crushed and used all year long.

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