When you choose a psychologist, what interests and touches you the most?

Answer from: Mikhail Khanzhin:
History student (MA), Department of World History. I am engaged in problems...

Afternoon! In the current abundance of professionals and specialists, it is much easier to find a psychologist who fits the personal and professional characteristics.

For me, there are three criteria that I pay attention to:
1. Availability of diplomas and certificates of education and continuing professional development
2. Absence of intrusive direct selling
3. Good reviews from grateful customers

Answer from: Lyubov Svetlova:
Finance expert, lawyer in one of the banks...

The values of the psychologist, his way of life. In general, I look at whether I would like to live the same way he does or not.

For example, if he is a narcissistic, successful psychologist - I definitely should go there?

Or "for peace, friendship, chewing gum" - I can't get enough of that?

Or about the inner processes: does the man understand himself? Can he help me with that?

Like this.

Answer from: Maria Stepanova:
I am fascinated by everything in the world: from fashion to travel. I work as an assistant to the head...

I have been to a psychologist once, in my teenage years, after which I considered that I would not go to these specialists for a long time yet. The woman's not bad, no complaints. It's just too obvious in their work, so it's funny. Like, why did I come here? What do I want from this place? I was expecting some kind of cunning in overcoming life's obstacles, but it wasn't there. And I know what to do.
If I decide to visit a psychologist, then in addition to a knowledgeable specialist I will look for an interesting interlocutor, someone who after a couple of standard questions will not continue in the professional pattern, and will switch to a dialogue that enlivens me with its originality, maybe strangeness. Thus, the best psychologist, for me personally, can be not a person with education and certificates, but any casual interlocutor. Although I do not deny that recognized specialists have their own advantages. I know that, for example, one of my acquaintances needs a competent person who can not give the slightest reason to think in a direction that will make the situation worse. You need an education and certificates.)

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