When you click start broadcasts in OBS, it starts a new broadcast, not a scheduled one

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The main thing here is to create broadcast key type.
First, create a planned broadcast (you can create a new one, or you can use the old ones) and enter all data about the broadcast (date, title, etc.)
After in the management section (where you can edit broadcasts) click on the name of broadcast and go to the broadcast settings.
Broadcast key type - choose from the list to change and delete everything there to set everything up again (most likely there is a dump because some third-party programs are constantly generating registration key). Next, choose to create a new one, name it something remarkable for you (for example MainKey) and configure it the way you want it. Now you have a key and a link to the server that you set up. These are the details you need to put into OBS and all other services, and when you create a new scheduled broadcast, make sure the key type is the one you configured (MainKey).

In OBS, in the settings section -> broadcast:
Choose youtube as the service field
primary server
Server link (taken from broadcast settings page)
Key (from broadcast settings page)

Registration in other services and programs:
Don't login (this method currently registers your own keys on your behalf).
Use a link to the server and the key (from the broadcast settings page).

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