Where in Android is the encryption password for the data section?

Answer from: Valeria Fedorova:
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It is impossible to take the password, as the password is generated at several levels (in simple terms). In modern smartphones, this function is enabled by default and manufacturers do not always create the off button. To turn off. the encryption need to use a patched boot, but then you can not update the firmware (or have to do it manually, there are also disadvantages sometimes) and there are sometimes dr. Cons.
Also when "turn off" Encryption current data is deleted.

On good devices the encryption works like this: there is a master key in the bootloader - then the process generates a random password at every start and temporarily stores it somewhere in memory - and the system has another code of its own, as well as an optional support for your user password. So it's almost impossible to decrypt anything. getting the key out of boot is also impossible.

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