Where is the largest concentration of life in the ocean?

Answer from: Eja Tumanova:

In the upwelling zone.
Under the action of steady winds, there are phenomena of surges and runoffs of water. A surge is usually formed when the wind blows toward the shore. The wind-drift develops at a steady and sufficiently strong wind from the shore. In this case colder waters rich in nutrients rise from a depth of some tens of meters and sometimes 200-300 meters. This is so called upwelling.
In the world's oceans, upwelling is observed off the coast of Northwest and Southwest Africa, off the west coast of North and South America in the tropical and partly subtropical latitudes. In addition, off the west coast of India, the east coast of Somalia, off Mozambique, over the Bank of Campeche and in some other places there is seasonal upwelling, most intense in summer when currents are stronger.

Answer from: Alexander Konovalov:
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There are most of all living organisms where there is light - it has a beneficial effect on seaweed which is the food of most ocean dwellers. It turns out that in the upper 50 meters the greatest number of inhabitants.

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