Where to invest 2 million rubles?

Answer from: Olga T.:
I like to have guests, so I learned how to cook. Appreciate the atmosphere of a cozy...

First go to Rome. Follow the directions on the map and you'll find your first mentor. With him everything is agreed. From him you'll learn the meaning of the first of the final questions - have I lived wisely? You will understand how to build your life in order to live it with dignity and enlightenment. From the first teacher, you will learn the importance of discovering the gifts hidden within your life and the infinite world around you. You will discover how to reach your human depths.
Then go to Hawaii. The teacher you'll find there is a very peculiar man. But don't be fooled by his simplicity and directness. He's a true master. He will explain to you the philosophy of the Second of the Final Questions - Did I truly love. He will help you to love life as it is. In every aspect of it, he will teach you how to experience true bliss and enjoy adventure. He will open your soul to a whole new reality.
And then you will go to New York City. There you will meet an amazing man who will take you through the Third of the Final Questions. Have I served people well? This mentor will teach you how to become a leader, not only in terms of your career, but also about your own life.

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