Where you can find good fertility treatments?

Answer from: Lyudmila Grushenkova:
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I would like to draw the attention of those who have not yet noticed that some bots are spamming questions and answers regarding health. There and there are always links to obscure sites and:or drugs. The accounts of these "people" on social networks have all the hallmarks of a fake.
**DON'T CLICK ON THE LINKS!** This motivates spammers to keep doing what they do.

Answer from: Alexander Nikolaev:
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My husband and I went to a fertility clinic...There, in fact, we found out at the beginning that my husband's health was not all right, his spermogram was bad. There he was also prescribed treatment (he took spermaplant and sage tinctures)....So, as you can see, you should never give up, everything can be cured these days)

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