Which field of study is better: "Fundamental and applied linguistics" or "Economics"? Which is more promising?

Answer from: Alexander Nikolaevich:
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The direction in which you are most likely to realize your professional qualities is the most promising for you. The one in which you are able to acquire the highest qualification as a result of training. The results of education directly depend on the motivation of the student, so I would recommend to define it in the first place.
I recommend you to imagine that you are already a university student, imagine yourself at a lecture, ask yourself what this lecture is about? What would you personally like to learn from university lecturers? For the sake of knowledge and skills in what professional area you would gladly go to study? What would be interesting to listen to and what would you want to understand professionally?
If you choose (or have them choose for you) a field of study that you are not sufficiently motivated to pursue, you will waste valuable time. The choice must be yours, so you do not blame anyone for stupid advice that ruined your life, if the chosen direction on someone else's advice is not to your liking.
Higher education, the process of learning and being in the university "hangout" one way or another provides opportunities to acquire competencies for future success, regardless of the particular field of study. But a diploma in a certain field of study does not provide any prospects in itself.
If you are interested in concrete figures on the demand for certain specialists in the labor market, the easiest thing to do is to look for current vacancies in appropriate aggregators or to open official statistics of employment centers.

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