Which is better: two bachelor's degrees or a bachelor's and a master's degree? Or 1 bachelor's degree is enough to get a good job and the necessary knowledge?

Answer from: Margo Sirin:
UFO flew in and published this post here....

There can't be 2 bachelor's degrees, at least in the usual sense of the word with a four year degree. After the bachelor you can only get a second degree (from the bachelor will be different program and term of study), well, or go to the master's degree.
As to whether it is enough or not, it very much depends on your profession and where you want to work.

Answer from: Susanna Kazaryan:
Susanna Kazaryan, USA, Physicist...

You will laugh, but if it is not some KB (design bureau), then no one cares about your degree.
Nowadays employers look at skills and test tasks or at sociability and personal impression.
If a professional is not a student from yesterday, they look for references, recommendations and experience.
Naturally, the budget is still linked to the diploma and all the requirements for it. but a budget is a budget. (This is a completely different side of reality)

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