Who is more in-demand, prestigious, promising and profitable to be: 1) Fashion photographer Conde Nast 2) Fashion editor?

Answer from: Kirill S.:
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The main thing is what you like most. Photographer is more of a "field" It's more of a field worker, in the thick of things, in plain sight, it's a lot of contacts, it's dynamic, creative and imaginative. Fashion editor is painstaking work, analytics, more desk work, organizing, poking around "diamonds" in the fashion world. It's not prestigious? The job may be super prestigious, but after a year you want to shoot yourself...

Answer from: alice2014:
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Good Morning. If we speak within the framework of one project (for example:publishing house), then the Fashion Editor will be more prestigious. The photographer creates the material, the editor usually works on someone else's material.

The editor decides whose photos and on which page to place in his edition.

The editor also has a job "on the ground" visiting shows, conferences, interviews. writing press releases.

Definitely, the social status of the editor is higher than that of a photographer.

About the demand - everything is highly situational, but if we go by the number of vacancies posted on American resources, there are many more Photographers than Editors. Therefore it is more difficult to find an editor than a photographer (with the same skills in the field) Editor is more in demand.

And to finish with the answer - about perspective An editor has a higher growth variation than a photographer. As for me, the Editor wins the question. But, as it was told above, they are two absolutely different positions, and psychotypes of people who work in them are also very different

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