Why a child draws only black paint?

Answer from: Nikita Kotov:
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For a variety of reasons, ranging from "just like it".
Any projective drawing tests are not primarily about interpreting the nature of the lines, colors, and features of the drawing. It's just a starting point for a conversation.
Talk to the child, only without black horror-anxiety, but with interest and warm curiosity about the content of the drawings, the subjects, the characters, their history, their future, how they relate to the child, and how they feel about the fact that they were drawn in black, and if in another color, what it could be and why...
It is clear that whatever the child answers to you, he will answer about himself. Only, again, do not rush to interpret and draw conclusions. If you have any questions, it is better to go with them to a child psychologist. For example, if a child reacts to aggression with his drawings, it may be a cause for concern, but in other circumstances, on the contrary, one may be glad that he has found such a way to relieve stress and anger in a difficult situation for himself.

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