Why are the curved swords in Asia, with the exception of China, and the blades of straight swords in Europe?

Answer from: Alina Smerchinskaya:
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The question is not very correct... India, for example, is Asia? And among Indian varieties of edged weapons there is a very large number of straight blades. The Khmer had short, straight blades, too, as I recall.That's all I can think of at a glance. 
Europe, if you go back to. What period? Dr. Greek Kopis, for example - what a curved one.
And purely for purpose. Straight blade is used for fighting on foot. The curved blade is for mounted combat. To make it easier for the mounted warrior to hit the infantry and made the curve of the blade.
It's so in a nutshell, the topic is very broad and complicated.

Answer from: Maxim Odintsov:
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Europe did not have thousands of years of experience in the production of bladed weapons, which was in Asia. Asia did not readily share its secrets with Europeans - it kept its military secrets a secret. Swords in Europe are straight because they copied Frankish swords, which copied Celtic swords. The history of Asian curved blades goes back to ancient Sumer, who may have adopted the technology to make these blades from someone else. 
Straight swords in China because they made hard bronze swords, which had considerable weight, so they had great striking power. 
All this goes into such an ancient, complicated and little-studied history that it is simply not possible to answer your question unambiguously. 
So the answer to your simple question is very difficult...

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