Why did Stalin have an attitude: if Lt. General Smushkevich was shot, then he was never born, nor would there be any mention in the SSE?

Answer from: Elsa M.:
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Why only Smuszkiewicz? All the high-ranking "enemies of the people" have been erased from history in every way possible. Why? So that no one would dare to say: why did the great Stalin cooperate with them, why did not he immediately discern them, why did he keep them in important positions, and moreover - in the army? "" (special services in today's language)? Maybe he's not so great?
By the way, about Stalin's rewriting of history (using photo evidence) there is a book-album by David King "The Vanishing Commissioner", it is available on the internet.
Incidentally, after Stalin's death the tradition continued: the article about Beria was withdrawn from the SBER after Beria was shot in the same way.

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