Why do Duma deputies (talented scientists) have high salaries? Putin (Stalin) answered: they should not need anything!

Answer from: Diana Salyakhutdinova:
Developer of tests and assessment tools, psychologist, researcher in education...

Your question already contains part of the answer.State Duma deputies have such high salaries (several times higher than that of scientists), because these salaries buy the loyalty of the deputies, so they can vote the way they want.The Duma is already transforming into an hereditary chamber (like in Britain) because the heads of the parties (Zyuganov, Zhirinovsky, etc.) are already sitting there for 30 years.etc.) have been sitting there for 30 years already.Zhirinovsky has already got his son into it.But at least the Lords have noble origins, while ours have,"From dirt to dignity"?It's the same with all of our elite..

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