Why do I feel bad both socially and alone? So, the problems are in harmony with yourself?

Answer from: Andrew G.:
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Maybe you just don't know what you want from yourself and others?))
It's hard to live when you don't know what you want.
The way you described it gives away your expectation.
... for something.

Answer from: Lubov Kobtseva:
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I am very familiar with it. I'll try to explain it with my own example. 
With people I often feel bad or just not interested because we have different interests, worldview, etc. Sometimes I want to run away and from "their" people (those I care about or just a lot of things we have in common, not the point). It's not because they're bad or anything, it's just that I'm at some point in my communication "I black out" from what's going on and I get carried away in a wave of my own thoughts. What happens in reality is not so interesting to me anymore and sometimes begins to annoy me. This especially happens if I waste my time, which I do not like.
Next. Why do I feel bad alone. Because I constantly scroll in my head some of the events of his life. If they are bad I feel apathetic; if they were good I feel the same way because I can't recollect them even for a moment. If I do not remember the past, I have rather strange and sometimes unusual thoughts about the meaning of life and other questions concerning the universe. 
So, what helps me. If nothing has happened the day before that has knocked me out or plunged me back into my chronic depression, then I do what I like to do. I'll explain. You have to find something, some activity that will blow your mind. I don't care if it's knitting, filmmaking, or extreme sports. It's just worth finding an activity that will set reality aside, that will make you forget about even eating and sleeping. Something you'll feel passionate and excited about. Then, at least for a while (or maybe a very long time) you will come to your senses and you won't feel so bad. 
P.S. If you love animals and you have the opportunity, take a pet. You will never be lonely or unhappy with a pet (provided you love pets, of course).

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