Why do many bloggers have such gay hairstyles?

Answer from: Edward Wolanski:
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Perhaps because many bloggers are intelligent and educated enough not to identify hair and sexual orientation.

Answer from: Eva-Lotta Brzezinski:
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First answer the question for yourself - what is "gay hair"? What are its differences from other hairstyles? What are the criteria for a hairstyle to be gay?
Second, "many" - is how many? Have you done extensive research, identified a target group, taken a representative sample, taken measurements, know the percentage of gay hairstyles among bloggers or just saw 5-7 individual bloggers and decided that's a lot?
And finally, what difference does it make? What's the point of the question? Even if you know the reason, what difference would it make?
Okay, the answer to your question is really simple - they like it.

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