Why do men talk in their sleep about girls?

Answer from: Alexei Karpov:
Analyst, financier, IT engineer, athlete, and I'm also a good cook...

In dreams you mean, through sleep, when asleep? I've had it, and for some reason I've always told the truth. Maybe just tired, fatigued, maybe dreaming some kind of dream. Or my mind is really occupied with someone else. Maybe just having dialogues with friends or colleagues, and after thinking about the conversation, he dreams it. After all, the dream, it's the subconscious. What's on your mind, what's bothering you, that's what you're dreaming about. I have spouse is absurd in his dreams, he has a boiler to put the 6 o'clock, then he sleepwalks, but it's only when he is very tired, sleep deprived and mentally and physically overloaded.

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