Why do some women tend to wind themselves up in a state of complete hysteria?

Answer from: Igor M.:

This is a habit. This is a neurotic tendency which leads to neurosis. A person just gets used to thinking in a negative way so much that he can not get rid of it anymore. In addition frequent stress weakens the body and makes it even more susceptible to stressful conditions. The root of it all is upbringing, anxious, anxious parents can only raise an anxious, anxious child. Can be treated with antidepressants, but psychotherapy is better. For example, I recommend books by Albert Ellis.

Answer from: Svetlana P.:
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Mainly because they can't punch their interlocutor in the neck. Their upbringing and sometimes their lack of physical strength (if the interlocutor is a man) do not allow it. In general, women have few socially acceptable ways to express anger, so there is a feeling of helplessness, and some go into self-twisting and hysteria.

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