Why do they put husks of buckwheat in things?.

Answer from: Andrej Biryukov:
I make clips on YouTube, in the past I was an IT-journalist....

In the pillow husk put for micromassage to give the pillow orthopedic properties, helps get rid of headaches. Pillows with husks have good thermal insulation, the head does not overheat.
If you are asking about the charge of croup. That is, there is such a thing that the grits, in your case, see the husk from the grits, charged. And the charge can be both positive, good luck, happiness, health, and negative, quarrels, etc.п. This is called "false imprinting" and most often it is done on the negative. It is desirable not to touch it with bare hands, put on gloves, sweep everything into a bag and take it away from the house, and even better to destroy it, burn it, and then bury or throw branches. Wash the gloves, the broom with salt water. And in the near future look closely at who could do this and make conclusions for yourself.

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