Why do we have an aversion to insects such as:flycatchers,lice,woodlice,house ants,fleas,cockroaches,moths,bed bugs,hayflies?

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Specifically for each creature listed in the question, I probably can not answer, but we can say why we feel an aversion to various insects in general.
The feeling of disgust is mainly needed in order to keep a person away from all kinds of dangerous stuff - in particular, not to put it in his mouth. So we are disgusted by excrement, rot, snakes (can be poisonous), rats (disease carriers), many insects.
Simply put, disgust tells us: "don't eat that!"
We don't usually eat insects. They can be poisonous, they are, after all, not very caloric (at least in small quantities), they can be parasites.
Of course, one can argue that in some Asian countries people eat locusts, cockroaches and other unappetizing creatures. But it's hardly from a good life - just like the delicacy of "frogs' legs" came not from satiety and the good life, but from the fact that impoverished peasants were trying to survive by consuming even unpleasant and not very nutritious prey.

Answer from: Andrey Skvortsov:
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But it seems to me that not every insect is repulsive. Ant, ladybug, bronze beetle, butterfly of some kind, if not a moth - well, they are cute, not? I personally, in experience, am not particularly disgusted by insects that move rather slowly and measuredly; that is, our red-haired little brash cockroach is horrible, and the important Spanish cucaracha a little less. Much less. It's not.. ""AAAAAAAA", а "Oh, yo" и "Slap" or "Pasa, pasa"

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