Why does a man need to improve himself?

Answer from: Natalia B.:
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People are tested for excellence not only individually, but collectively. World wars can also be considered as such trials, forcing us to understand that only Unity is that conscious necessity which in peacetime should be the basis of the Providence of people. People who accept humanity as one of the parts of the Divine Space, created by the Highest Cosmic Mind, equal, free, with the right to choose their earthly path. People who accept themselves as children of One God, considering themselves to be God-men, capable of coming to the Consciousness that Unity in Spirit is the Providence of People-Gods.
We live in an amazing time. On the one hand, the human world - humanity is one step away from self-destruction. On the other hand, it is this boundary condition that will force humanity to make a choice: either towards death, or towards light, towards love, so - towards God. There is no other alternative for mankind. That is why the future of mankind is forged within each individual. A person who has made a decision inside himself to take the side of the Light, can be considered a Warrior of Light, because the main battle for the fate of humanity goes inside each person. And if people, all together, show unity in their opinion and defend the Great Harmony of Perfect Co-knowledge (that is if they allow themselves to understand and accept that the single purposefulness of all people being equal before God is a tool which will open the road to the Future, not only for chosen people but for all humanity), then nothing can stop the transition of people to Gods.
Understanding this will open up a person's vision of the main task and the conditions of its fulfillment. The main task is Unity in the Spirit under the Great Equality of all before God. Prerequisites: the presence in a person of Sacrifice, Wisdom, and Unconditional Love. The merging of task and condition will ensure the movement of INTRODUCTION to Gods.

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