Why does every living thing have to make a choice at every moment: run or stay, live or die?

Answer from: Vladislav Noskov:
Sysadmin, a little blogger lifeservice.me...

There are only three constant processes in life:
- Everything begins;
- Everything ends;
- Everything changes.
And then there's the food chain. And everyone is food for someone. Whether we like it or not. So at the level of the autonomic nervous system there is this choice: in a conflict or stressful situation, any living being automatically does one of three things:
- Freeze (pretend to be a twig, a pebble, etc.д., and see if it gets away);
- Attack (you can win life or food...);
- Escape (you can save your life, your wallet, your skin, your relationships, etc.д.)
What do you do when you are stressed?

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