Why does one have an inexplicable desire to drink alcohol?

Answer from: Irina T.:
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There are three answers to this.
1. Because one wishes to give a harmonious accompaniment to the meal. For example, shish kebab is uninteresting to chew without drinking it with "Mukuzani". To the wings "Buffalo" a glass of beer is clearly required. Sometimes a good alcohol is meant to add style to a meal, irrespective of the food. So, a glass of sparkling wine wouldn't hurt on a romantic date.
2. Sometimes a shot of brandy is needed for medicinal purposes. To warm up from a cold, to relieve a headache and sometimes a beginning cold, to disconnect from worry, work.
3. A perverse desire to modify consciousness. To cheer up, to become bold, to become swaggering, to have fun for no reason, to be amused, to drown out grief, to forget oneself, to disconnect from pressing obligations. This use of alcohol is abuse, and leads to unfortunate consequences, especially in the long run.

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