Why does the Android when connected via USR to PC only charges, but data transfer is not possible, if before everything was connected?

Answer from: Andrey Avramenko:

1. Plug it into the computer, the computer should beep (disconnect and then plug in, like a mouse or flash drive, you'll hear it), and notify the bottom of the screen that the device is plugged in. It must not: be UNKNOWN or "...malfunction".
2. If it does not.
Swipe the notification bar on your phone, at the top of the screen. There, if your phone sees a connection to your computer, there should be connection options, such as:
-Charge only;
-Disk drive;
-MTR (media...) device ;
-driver installation.
The items may be slightly different.
If there is a choice, just select the one you want (usually MTR), except the first one.
3. If none of the p's.п. 1 and 2 are not there, then THEY ARE NOT seeing each other. And there is a problem with the cable, or the phone.
Find out by replacing the cable. If it doesn't work, call for service. Need to repair the charger connector or God forbid, something more complicated.
Good luck!

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