Why don't jocks understand that the more they pump up their muscles, the more they overload their hearts and age their bodies?

Answer from: Denis K.:
9,4 K...

Well, in the muscles under load the drug is produced. If you're hooked, there's no going back.

No need to condemn. It's the same with poets. And scientists, who are real


Answer from: Irina Kozlova:
Librarian, cottager, volunteer for work with stray animals...

A similar question can be asked of women: why do they pump their lips, breasts, butt chemistry, because it has a negative impact on their health?
The answer is simple: they want to look good, in the common opinion of others.

Answer from: Albert Rosenfield:
The best answer to 99.9% of the questions: "Use the search engine"....

Let's get to the bottom of this statement.
Overloading the body can be super-intensive workouts and killing it with steroids. The first affects the joints, causing injury. The second affects the whole body.
If a person knows the measure in physical exertion, then the exercise of athleticism (work with weights), on the contrary, beneficial to the body and prolongs the active period of life. Of course it's important to have the right technique. I've been lifting "iron". When I do sets in my workouts my heart beats up to 150 beats per minute, pumping a lot of blood. But this increased exertion only works for a few dozen minutes a week. The rest of the time, a trained heart beats at a reduced rate (50 beats per minute at rest), saving resources, less wear and tear.
П. С. Not to confuse amateur athleticism with the bodybuilding of professional jocks. Jocks in pursuit of huge muscle mass, for the sake of earning money in competitions, force the body systems to work at the limit, poisoning it with various chemicals, overloading the digestive system. This can be said about all professional sports, there a man works hard for the money. We don't need that kind of sport. It does not prolong life, but shortens it, making a man disabled from his youth.

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