Why in "Leroy Merlin" in the window is one price tag, but at the cashier I pay +20%. The price tags do not say that the price excludes VAT?

Answer from: Eugenia:
Historian and that's it...

If you have such a proven precedent, you can either call the receptionist and remind them that the price is an offer and they are required to sell at the price on the price tag, we are not in America. I think they will meet you halfway and give you the difference. Or collect a few more victims, preferably more than ten, and write a statement to the prosecutor's office.
Even if they write on each price tag that the price is added more tax, any court will see in their actions signs of fraud, because by law the letter of the law VAT is allocated from the price, and not charged. Yes accountants can use both extraction and calculation of VAT in the price for internal accounting, but this is an internal kitchen, and the law says about the allocation of VAT.
So any retailer is obliged to indicate the price with VAT.
Another thing is that the price tag may be the price of a discount card, and the fine print is written full price, then there is no violation, but if you want, in court, you can also look fraud, but with a good lawyer.

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