Why is a lawyer provided to a defendant and not to a victim?

Answer from: Nikolay Puzyrin:
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Because one of the principles of the criminal process is to ensure that the suspect:accused of a crime has the right to a defense.
The victim is protected by the state, represented by the law, by the authorities authorized to prosecute the perpetrator and by the court. The victim also has the right to have a lawyer, but one may not necessarily be assigned to him or her and it goes without saying that there is no question of free protection. However, if the victim is a minor or if due to his mental or physical condition he is unable to defend his interests on his own, he must have representatives.

Answer from: Veilchen:

Because the state already protects the victim by initiating criminal proceedings and prosecuting the person suspected or accused of committing a crime. The accused or a suspect in such a situation appears practically face to face with the state in the form of its law enforcement agencies, which are organizationally and financially much stronger than any individual. In order to protect the citizen (who, among other things, may turn out to be innocent in the commission of the incriminated act) from the abuses of the state a lawyer, a defender, is invited. It is from these considerations grows the principle of ensuring the right to defense. Presumption of innocence, when it is enough for a citizen not to prove anything and he will be considered innocent, and the state is obliged to prove guilt and a number of other protection privileges are based on the need not only to punish the guilty, but also to avoid punishment of the innocent.

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