Why is it so hard for a guy to meet a girl?

Answer from: Valeria T.:
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Why hard? It is not difficult if there is something to hook.
An interesting hobby, good looks, a nice voice, a cool job, a smooth speech.
But when there's nothing to hook you, it's natural. т.к. the person is no different from the others, then they do not notice him

Answer from: Stone Center:
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The difficulty is in your head, in fact, everything is very simple. 
If you can not get acquainted, then the person is not your level of communication and you have to look elsewhere. You can be classmates, neighbors, members of the same fanclub, but you and she will not receive comfort from communication. 
It may also be about appearance, maybe your mother sees you as a beauty, but the demands that you put forward for the lady are too high for your level, having met her in life, she will look at you as a piece of candy wrappers and will pass by, so forget about the ideals and level of fabulousness of the lady, look for an interesting companion in the first place, and only then the object of admiration.

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