Why isn't life an anime? In anime, everything is perfect, but real life isn't. How do you come to terms with it?

Answer from: Anastasia Zelenskaya:
Lady in fake furs...

Many anime people often wonder why? Why they couldn't just be born into anime? Why they have to endure this horrible world? Why can't they transfer characters from the anime world to reality?
The answer goes like this.
Alas and ah! But anime is a clearly planned world, it's all supposed to be so perfect, that's why it's fictional. Yes, often life does not meet such requirements, because this is the real world! Without cat girls, witch girls, and tentacles, but this world isn't a bad place at all. Although this life is not perfect, but it has its pluses: here you can get an answer to your feelings, touch the object from different angles - whatever angle you want, you can see and hear the other party in connection with your answer, hear compliments about your appearance and humor, and maybe even your character. You just have to learn to take everything from life, but that's an entirely different question.
Good luck, ani-kun!

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