Why Kurt Cobain at Unplugged in New York couldn't handle the simplest solo?

Answer from: Alexander Missyul:
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You mean The Man Who Sold The World?
Only Kurt himself knows. Many critics say Nirvana's Unplugged was Cobain's toughest gig, but it's also said to be Nirvana's most emotional one. And the magical aura of Unplugged'is given a magical halo by the makers of the documentary "Seven Generations of Rock and Roll", especially in the moments when Butch Vig speaks, as if the sound and editing team felt the presence of Kurt's ghost when they were editing Unplugged.
It's worth noting that there was essentially no time between the recording of the concert and Cobain's death. And of course, if a person went to the point of putting a gun in his mouth, he must have been in extreme despair for a long time before that.
So - the screw-up on the solo in Bowie's song can be put down to Cobain's emotional state. Or maybe he had something personal to do with that song. because before he sang it, he explicitly said "I'm gonna mess this one up #" ("and I'm gonna mess this one up"). Also, in rehearsal he played it perfectly straight and without any mess ups.

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