Will there ever come a time when there will be a high quality of life for everyone?

Answer from: Pious Broadcaster:
Non refert, qui sum...Quod ego facio...I vide de abysso" - "...

Maybe someday it will be. But the demographics of the planet do not inspire optimism about this scenario.
By 2050. the global population will exceed 9.6 billion by 2050. By the end of this century it may well approach 11 billion. By mid-century, the population of the more developed countries will drop to 13.6%. In 2050., the U.N. average prediction is that more than half of the world's population will live in Asia, a quarter in Africa, 8.2% in Latin America, 7.4% in Europe, 4.7% in North America.

Answer from: Stas Tambiå:
I am interested in genealogy. I write with mistakes....

If the quality of life grows everywhere, so will the standards of its evaluation. Accordingly, this new life will also have its own gradations. But what we now call a good life will be regarded as average. And what for them will seem a good life is not yet imaginable for us.

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