Would you like to exist forever? If not... (...then... details)

Answer from: Hagall Serpent:
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What can't die is dead. Only the possibility, inevitability, and randomness of death gives meaning to what you do in life.
This is my atheist position and it exists without regard to hypothetical eternal torment.

Answer from: Natalia Maltseva:
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Yes! It's great when there is always "tomorrow". And not because of procrastination, but because of time. How often do we regret that we didn't have time to do something..

You don't have to be afraid to start something new, because if you suddenly make a wrong choice, you have time to try something else, a third, a tenth....thousandth.. How much to learn, how much to learn, to see..

Not to grow old, not to think about death..
That's life!

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