Would you rather live to see a world war with all weapons of mass destruction or not?

Answer from: Dmitry R.:
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Not without a good bunker that will last for years.  And I personally don't have a bad bunker either.  So - let the Chekists and the rest of ISIS, who started the world war, live out their lives!

Answer from: Anastasia Fedorova:
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Why not?. True, I don't see much point in it, such a war has a very low chance of happening, mankind could only do it "out of ignorance". Any war is fought over resources, territories, markets or transportation of goods, etc. The use of WMD (and everything possible) will immediately make it impossible to profit from such a war, even in the case of victory. Therefore, I think a limited use of WMD in a world war is possible, unrestricted use is unlikely. Moreover mankind will tend to invent less toxic WMD, less destructive to the environment and acting specifically on people.  Already bacteriological weapons are in some respects close to such "ideal" WMD.

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