Wrote a macro in Excel. Inserts the date in the next cell. I try it, it always puts it in the same cell but not the neighboring one. What is wrong?

Answer from: Eternal S.:
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When you wrote the macro, it automatically created an absolute (fixed) reference to the cell where you entered the date. To write a date entry macro in an adjacent cell, do the following:
1) On the "Developer" enable the command "Relative references";
2) Highlight any cell;
3) Enable "Write macro"
4) Highlight the adjacent cell, enter the current date
5) Stop recording.

This will write the date into the adjacent cell

Answer from: Dmitry M:
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Here you have to look at your written code. In general for such a case, it is better to use the operator For i=1 to 10 (the number of your checks), then make sure that at each step the program uses the next line (the next).

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