You're riding on a bus full of people. You're holding on to the handrail. Then someone suddenly and aggressively takes your hand away from the handrail. What do you do?

Answer from: Natalia Belova:
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Of course, I would apologize very politely and try to find another footing, taking it more seriously and carefully, so as not to bother anyone in the future. Because it was my inattention that provoked someone's aggressive behavior.

Answer from: Yegor Aniskevich:
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I would gently say that this should not be so, but first I would hit with a taser, so he knew that he should not behave aggressively in a human environment. And yes it already happened once, but it was fun, and nothing happened to me, but it's better not to do that of course ^^
In general, the power of words is much stronger than force, but it is never superfluous, especially when a person does not understand that it is wrong. But the best option is to move away from the austrolopithecus so you do not soak up the smell of stench and overdrinking

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