Your favorite warlords?

Answer from: Elsa M.:
Hello, everyone. :) I'm an optimist by life, a naturalist, a gardener...

Oh, there are a lot of them, considering that I do military history. Well, off the top of my head would be:
Gaius Julius Caesar (not as a military leader, but by the totality of factors - a great military leader, who was also a brilliant politician)
Napoleon Bonaparte (for the same reason as Caesar)
Alexander Suvorov (not defeated in any way, beat several future Napoleonic marshals)
Louis de Bourbon, Prince of Conde (a talented general and a very complex man in terms of personality, with an intolerable character)
Henri La Tour d'Auvergne, Viscount Turenne 
Gustave II Adolphus
Charles X Gustave
Charles XII
John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough
These are not the best generals in my opinion (at least not all of them), these are favorites (as you asked). For a combination of reasons, including personal reasons.

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