Zadornov was a propagandist?

Answer from: Pavel M.:
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No, he was just a shady little man near the government. Bought jokes from other authors, stole jokes from the Internet, in recent years was more engaged in pseudolinguistics and historical charlatanism.

Answer from: Suren Hayk:
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Zadornov found his thing, his niche in humor a long time ago. As long as I remember him, he always joked about stupid pendos and exalted the great Russians, and this topic has always found an audience. It so happened that the theme to which Michael was joking took 99% of the air time of the Fede. Channels and became propaganda. Like any sensible person engaged in his business, he did not decline in the wave of increased interest in the subject, but instead began to develop and build upon it. It seems to me that Zadornov, simply, provided his wealth, as he knew how to do.

Answer from: Alexey Krugov:
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By the way, it should be said that Zadornov always joked in the mainstream.
If you don't mind looking up articles about him. you'll find that when it was profitable - he scolded the Soviets, then was pro-apodnik, then sharply shifted to Russophilia, and the West began to ridicule.
On the whole, his pinches are not bad in places.
I also think that you can either laugh about everything or about nothing.
BUT - you can't base your entire stage career on one leitmotif.
It's somehow not worthy of a writer.
I made a joke about fat people, then I made a joke about anerexics, then I made a joke about children, then I made a joke about Childfree, then I made a joke about religious people, then I made a joke about atheists, then I told a few jokes about Russians and laughed at Europe.
That's it, no prejudice. found something funny in everyone, offended everyone equally)
And he really is some kind of propaganda.

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